Here is a live recording from a concert in May 2012 of Elaine singing 'I got rhythm' (Gershwin).  

Here is a studio recording of a new and original a-cappella folk song called 'Down by the Brayford Side' (composer Claire Harding). This was recorded for the 2012 Lincolnshire Folk Song Competition. 

Here is a live recording of 'A Charm: No. 4 from A charm of Lullabies' (Benjamin Britten) taken from a live recital in November 2013. 

Here is a live recording of Elaine singing 'Now the guns have stopped' from K. Jenkins 'The Armed Man' recorded while on tour in Germany with the Grantham Chorale. 

Elaine also appears with the National Gilbert and Sullivan company on their live CD recording of 'Utopia' (2011). It is available to buy here.  



Here is a link to the BBC news report on the International Gilbert and Sullivan Festival 2011.  

Here is a YouTube video promoting the DVD of the Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company production of 'Utopia' (2011).